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Open Access Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy

Open access endoscopy is defined as the direct referral of a patient for gastroscopy or colonoscopy without a formal consultation in advance. 

Despite offering patients rapid access, open access endoscopy is not suitable for all patients, particularly those with significant co-morbidities which might impact on pre-procedure advice, peri-procedure medication management, or even the most appropriate setting (day procedure centre or larger hospital) for the procedure.

Patients who fall into this category include:

  • Patients with significant cardiac disease (e.g. severe aortic stenosis, mechanical valve replacement, pulmonary hypertension, decompensated cardiac failure, or poorly controlled ischaemic heart disease)
  • Significant airway’s disease
  • Severe obstructive sleep apnoea 
  • Poorly controlled insulin dependent diabetes. 

Special consideration may need to be given to:

  • morbidly obese patients (BMI>40kg/m2)
  • patients on warfarin or other anti-coagulant therapy
  • any elderly patient with significant frailty, particularly nursing home patients or patients with significant mobility issues
  • a patient’s social circumstances, for example an elderly patient living alone may not be suitable to take colonoscopy bowel preparation without adequate supervision due to the risk of falls. 

Patients who are unsuitable for open access endoscopy should be initially referred to a Focus Gastroenterology gastroenterologist for a formal consultation to discuss all aspects of the proposed endoscopic procedure. 

For open access endoscopy bookings or consultation appointments please phone 9650 7917 and/or send us a referral.